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Jon Hurrell is a People Development and Business Improvement professional who is ambitious, driven and enthusiastic about any form of business.


Providing coaching, consultancy and training to companies across the UK over the last 9 years. He has worked with SME’s as well as Global PLC’s helping them to create and drive strategy, improve their internal processes and improve the skills of their people to reach their full potential.

Jon spent the first 10 years of his career working his way up to senior positions in the Marine and Packing industries before moving to work with the very successful government backed Manufacturing Advisory Service (SWMAS). He spent  5 years helping manufacturers stabilise and grow their businesses before moving to a private consultancy firm where he held principal and lead consultant positions.


Specialising but not solely in the manufacturing industry he has a good base of clients who trust him to provide a service which goes above and beyond their expectations.


Expertise in, but not exclusively: Strategy development and deployment, Lean Tools and techniques, Six Sigma and Leadership behaviours.


His style is to work with the people across the clients company to ensure engagement, then coach them through the various skills to make required changes.


He has worked with over 100 clients in his consultancy roles and have a proven track record in delivery successful change whilst engaging extremely well with people in the process. Working with a variety of different sized businesses has given a broad experience which allows him to pitch himself at the right level for the right circumstances be it corporate or family run businesses.

Jon Hurrell - Head Coach swmas mas

"I find that by working with the people, ensuring that they have full involvement in changes, that the results are far greater."

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