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We offer a range of services designed around developing the people in your business. We utilise proven tools to support our analysis of peoples strengths and opportunities. Once identified, we work with individuals and teams to play to the strengths and work on the opportunities with them aim of making your peoples skills stronger, more flexible and adaptable. We offer on-site support as well as regular open courses in a range of areas, all of which can be tailored to suit your exact needs.

We are approved to use assessments including DISC and EPI.


DISC is the most widely used behavioural assessment tool available, measuring four behavioural styles: dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance. DISC measures how a person behaves rather than their ability. By understanding your own and others behaviours you can make subtle adjustments to make relationships work more effectively and therefore get more out of them.


EPI – Employer Performance Index is the clearest and most insightful survey to understand employee motivation and productivity throughout your business. It highlights areas for improvement within the business as judged by the employees anonymously. It offers insight into motivation, employee engagement, retention, unrest and allows departmental comparison.

Behavioural analysis DISC
Employer performance index


Behavioural analysis (DISC™)


  • Individual analysis, one to one feedback and action planning

  • Team analysis, one to one feedback and action planning

  • Team collaboration

  • Sales behaviours for sales teams


Leadership behaviours (DISC™)


  • Leadership behaviour analysis, one to one feedback and action plan

  • Mentoring/coaching in role

  • Senior management behaviour analysis, one to one feedback and action plan

  • Board level collaboration


Leadership skills


  • Leadership fundamentals for supervisors and managers – Course

  • Leadership for senior managers – Course

  • One to one mentoring/coaching and development in role



Coaching and Mentoring

  • Individual coaching for better performance

  • Team coaching for better performance


Employee engagement analysis (EPI™)


  • EPI survey, report feedback to senior team and action plan

  • Support in completing actions and improving


Recruitment support


  • Utilising DISC for recruitment

  • Interviewing support

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