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We believe that the key to your business success is its people. Without its people a business cannot function let alone perform to its full potential. We want to help you get the best out of your people by increasing their skills and ability to improve your productivity and performance. Whether it be operators, administrators or Managing directors, everyone has the potential to help the business improve.

We are experts in productivity improvement and helping people understand how they can identify and implement changes for the better. By increasing their skills and knowledge in different areas, we can maximise their individual performance and the performance of the teams around them.

Now prepared, your people can influence and embrace positive change in your business for the future.


Our team of coaches have many years of first-hand experience managing and developing effective people and processes in challenging businesses from SME to PLC.

We have all held senior positions in business and as a result can relate to the everyday issues that occur in your business. Experience working in business support contracts such as Manufacturing Advisory Service and Growth Accelerator means we understand small companies just as well as large ones.

We are high on EQ as well as IQ which allows us to build rapport and trust with your people quickly. We embed ourselves into your team and get stuck into projects without delay giving you the best return on investment.


Jon Hurrell - Head Coach swmas mas

Jon Hurrell

Managing Director

Head Coach

Matthew John-6742a.jpg

Matthew John



Jason Loomes


emma 2.jpg

Emma Hurrell


& Client engagement

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Will Boult


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